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meet liv! a trans girl who lives a pretty normal life - save for the fact that she is a vampire, she lives in a big castle in transylvania with her demon girlfriend, and she has been cursed with an insatiable thirst for blood. which - if left unattended - will be the end of her! sadly enough, transylvania doesn't have an infinite amount of lesbians to gay, so liv has to travel the world in search of fresh blood!

platform your way through 5 unique stages full of lesbians to bite into! all featuring vibrant pixel graphics, retro tunes, funny in-jokes, and lots of things to slash with your trusty lesbian sword.

will you be the one who succs all the lesbians??

here's a list of things in the game, wow

  • for once, a gay videogame that is not a visual novel! hell yeah!!
  • fulfill all your sapphic vampire fantasies!!
  • play as trans vampire liv, or her demon gf sonya!
  • explore transylvania and the isle of lesbos, in search of lesbians!
  • banging tracker music + OPL soundtrack made by yours truly
  • lots of queer references that you might find funny
  • 100% wlw/plural/queer/trans developed

content warning: this game contains blood (though you can turn it off in the options menu)! the characters also faint when you succ them. the game is also a bit lewd, but nothing extremely NSFW!

the game is free to download, but a $5,00+ donation will give you access to the game's soundtrack!

the download includes 320kbps .MP3s and the .MPTM file used to score all the music!.

the soundtrack is also available on bandcamp!

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withGIMP, Stencyl, Audacity
TagsArcade, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Stencyl, Swords, Transgender, Vampire
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


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Lesbian Vampire Simulator - v1.1 46 MB
Lesbian Vampire Simulator - Manual V2 118 kB
Lesbian Vampire Simulator - OST 38 MB
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I played a few random stages not really knowing what I was doing, then suddenly everything clicked and I beat every level in a row. That's a good progression!

I would like to play it, but I can't start it, if I click on it, nothing happens, can you help me?


ive encountered a problem where when i open the .exe file, the screen is just black and nothing i press does anything. do you know the cause and how i could fix it?

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hey, sorry for the late reply!! i was busy moving and i wasn’t checking itch as a result. thx for the comment!

i’m not sure if i’ll make another update to the game, as what it is right now is pretty much complete - though there’s still a few bugs here and there so i’ll probably get around to fixing those eventually. so yeah, i might as well add some more content along with that, feel free to give some suggestions :)

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hi idaa c:

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so funny

This game is so sweet and cheeky - although surprisingly difficult.

I enjoyed playing it and it made me chuckle. Good work 😊


The creator of this game is really cute

no u 😤😤😤😤😤😤


Great graphics and amazing music!  I love the endless thorough gayness of everything!  Could probably use a CW for the whole noncon murder thing  ^_~  Only problems I had was that it was hard to tell which item is selected on the menus -- maybe a color change would help the selected item stand out? -- and that the controls require a good deal of guessing if you are playing on keyboard, a brief description on the page here could help with that.

Great work, keep up the queerness!  ^,,^  Gonna check out your bandcamp~

woah, thank you so much!!

the concept of the game is that the lesbians faint from how gay everything is, not that they die :) but thinking about it, that probably deserves a CW too - i’ll make sure to add it to the description ASAP!

the controls are explained in the manual by the way! i could consider adding them on the page too, or just putting the manual on Google Docs so it’s not a separate download :) some other people have said that the controls weren’t immediately clear (specifically the double jump/respawn) so it’s something i wanna get right.

thanks for the feedback!! it’s greatly appreciated.


Oooooh, okay, I like the fainting thing a lot better!  Not that I had a total problem with the vampires being, y'know, vampires, but I really prefer your approach  XD

Clearly I should have read the manual!  Thanks, I will give it another try after I download and read it!  :3

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hearing the word lesbian makes me keep laughing playing this game, but this game is very exciting from the sound of music, gameplay, fast time challenges make this game challenging with simple game characters, I love this game, keep updating developers thank you

aww, thank you! and thanks for the video!! i’ll definitely keep working on the game :)


hhhhh the perfect game


hhhhh the perfect comment


hhhhh the perfect reply


This is art